1. When did you start Djing. and how did you come up with your name.

MJ started dj ing at the young age of 15 with friends from the block which lead to radio.The name mj come from my name Matthew john ,

2. What or who were your early passions and influences?

MJ’s influences wazthrough his family in which his uncle run a band called nomadic roots which is reggae/dub.And grew up with music all around him

3. What do you personaiiy consider to be the defining moments in your artistic career?

playing along side artful dogger .

4. What was it that made you want to become a DJ?

At a young age growing up in the 80’s and living on a council estate pirate radio was every where and being in the music scene it was Alyson my blood

5. What do you feel are your main challenges as a dj?

As a dj I love music and I love playing it to the people which gives me a buzz in it’s self there is no challenge.💥

6. What is it about Dj’ing. compared to say producing your own music. that makes it interesting for you?

the felling that goes through your body weather playing or producing

7. What radio stations have you been on?

Rude /passion /magic /time/Unknown /origin /jacks house /touch

8. How would you define a good DJ set for yourself?

when the music does the talking

9. Where do you see yourself in 3yrs time?

hopefully still alive

10. What are you currently doing now, in terms of residencies or other projects?


11. What clubs and events have you played at?

middsummer ball/egg /ministry/paradise club/108/club IF /garage nation/boat party’s to name a few

12. Who ls your favourite all time DJ and MC? Why?

haven’t got a all time favourite DJ or mc I rate every one who is trying to b good at Wat there song and believing in them selfs

13. What is your preferred style of music?

At this time it’s all about house music

14. What advice would you give someone interested in becoming a DJ?

just go 4 it and c where it takes u .

15. Do you think the music scene has changed since you started DJ’ing?

if so how?the music will always b the same it’s got a beat a drum and bass it’s music but yeh the styles change over the years .music is music