1. When did you start Djing. and how did you come up with your name?

I started djing around 11years old some1 had left 1210s at my house as a child and i couodnt leave emm alone / my dj name was given to me by a friend he said it will stand out and u might get more recognission for it.

2. What or who were your early passions and influences?

Dj ez will always be a influence/ heartless crew and the dirty outlaw crew gave me the passion for djing

3. What do you personaiiy consider to be the defining moments in your artistic career?

Defening moment in my career playing carlying academy at the age of 17 alongside oggy and sparks and kie

4. What was it that made you want to become a DJ?

Having 1210s in the house as a child i loved to play with them

5. What do you feel are your main challenges as a dj?

I feel ive gone as far as i can in my djing career. Im now happy to play for the listners once a week on

6. What is it about Dj’ing. compared to say producing your own music. that makes it interesting for you?

I enjoy music so djing is a plus

7. What radio stations have you been on?

Renegade 107.4fm, y2k 90.6fm, subjam 104.7fm true 100.2fm vision 88.4fm hights fm cant remember all of emm

8. How would you define a good DJ set for yourself?

Good selection of choons and a happy crowd

9. Where do you see yourself in 3yrs time?

Hopefully on a beach with a million dollars in the bank

10. What are you currently doing now, in terms of residencies or other projects?

Currently u can catch me live every saturday 5pm

11. What clubs and events have you played at?

Pure garage, sunshine days, exposure, camden palace, destinys, carling academy, tommy flynns, list gos on and on

12. Who ls your favourite all time DJ and MC? Why?

Favourite dj would have to be ez mc would have to be mr me from the outlaw crew

13. What is your preferred style of music?

House and garage. I started djing before house music become a fashion

14. What advice would you give someone interested in becoming a DJ?

Dont waste your time its no longer a art unless you are planning to start with turntables

15. Do you think the music scene has changed since you started DJ’ing? if so how?

It has changed considerably when i started djing people used to take the mic if i played house music but now its the biggest fashion symbol for these young kids that have no idea  about music